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At no cost, LMG Finance works as a dedicated extension to a dealerships own staff, we provide all of the benefits of a inhouse business office and so much more! Our Dealership Partners receive continuous support and complete peace of mind that that their F&I program is being handled by the most respected professionals in the industry.

We pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled results, results that yield more financed approvals for more sales, more profit, heightened customer satisfaction, less work for dealers and considerable savings.

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No contracts and no upfront payments. You don't pay until the unit is delivered. We've been developing long-lasting partnerships with dealerships across Canada for 20+ years. We work with the perfect mix of lenders and F&I providers to ensure that every deal has the best chance for a positive result, regardless of credit profile.


Submit Credit Applications

Your customers submit their credit application by phone, email, online or in dealership. We offer a more customized service than just submitting a credit application. We talk to customers about their credit and work with dealership sales staff to ensure financing is a part of every selling conversation. We always work to earn a positive solution no matter the credit profile or product.


Enjoy the Profits

We handle all lender communication and closing the loan with your customer. We take care of today’s business so we have the opportunity to earn future business from our returning happy customers! We also complete the customers financing transaction in a compliant, organized and responsible manner.

The LMG Advantage
For Dealerships

More Than a Dealer We’re More Than a Dealer Approved F&I Outsource Company

By partnering with LMG Finance you gain a powerful alliance with a long standing company who is dedicated to helping you achieve long term success. We are committed to maintaining strong relationships with you, your staff and most importantly your customers all while boosting profits.

Increased Approvals Increased Loan Approvals Due to Our Lender Leverage

Our network of lenders allows you to offer your customers the most competitive financing packages to suit their budgets. By partnering with LMG Finance, the doors will open up to millions of dollars in loan volume to help with the toughest loan approvals.

Protection & Warranties Protect Your Customers & Earn More Profit

By partnering with LMG Finance your customers can choose to take advantage of coverages such as credit protection, extended warranties, GAP, Theft Prevention and Tire and Wheel for their investments. In turn, you earn more profit.

Make More Money Make more money and do less work! We Make Deals Happen!

Gain an entire team of dedicated F&I professionals, 6 days per week, no sick days. LMG affiliated dealers deliver 25% more units, see 50% more approvals and earn 100% more F&I profit. Devote more of your time to sales and customer service.

As a partner of LMG Finance your trailer dealership can utilize our mobile app to calculate payments, submit credit applications and check the status of deals.

LMG Finance delivers compliant loan packages to your company electronically within minutes of their closing.

Access our Dealer Resource Centre from any web browser to view past and present deal information at any time, calculate payments, order free marketing materials and so much more.

Innovative, high impact, and leading edge F&I solutions that our dealer partners need more than ever to effectively compete and ensure compliance.

Promote financing in your showroom with free marketing materials! From payment tags, tent cards, decals and more, we have you covered to boost sales!

Your customer's new trailer purchase can be worry-free. If unable to make loan payments due to an illness or accident, their payments can be reduced or paid off completely based on their finance insurance coverage.


Is LMG Finance a Bank?

LMG Finance is not a financial institution (bank), nor do we work for the bank. We work for you! We work closely with a multitude of lenders in order to garner the most competitive rates possible.

The turnaround time for a deal can vary depending on a customer’s credit history. An LMG Finance representative will contact your customer within 15 minutes of an application being submitted and will remain in constant communication with that customer and the dealership throughout the duration of the deal process.

Any recreational product such as: boats, ATV's, snowmobiles, motorcycles, motor homes, personal watercraft as well as travel trailers, horse trailers and automobiles.

LMG Finance is open Monday to Saturday, 7am-5pm PST.

Call 1-877-806-6247 or send an email to connect with a Dealer Relations representative. You can also fill out our Dealer Questionairre.

Yes, as an LMG Finance affiliated dealership you will gain access to our Dealer Resource Centre allowing you to do so. You will also be able to track your deals in real time using the LMG Finance mobile app.

Yes, through our Dealer Resource Centre, as well as with the LMG Finance mobile app.

Absolutely. With our extensive network of leading lenders, we're able to facilitate the most competitive financing packages available, including those that are limited time promotions.

Our dealership partners receive cutting edge marketing materials to promote competitive financing. The materials can be ordered at any time using the Dealer Resource Centre access or by making the request through e-mail or a phone call.

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